I’m proud to introduce licensed and board certified laser specialist, Lisa Gurvich into my practice to focus exclusively on our popular Laser Hair Removal procedures.

Have you tried laser in the past and not gotten the results you wanted?

Anyone can operate a laser, but few know the special techniques, temperatures, and settings that produce results we’ll both be proud of. Whether your unwanted hair is an inconvenience or a burden to your self-esteem, I offer the customized treatments and support you need.

Tell me about your hair and skin type. We’ll look at outcomes I’ve produced for other patients like you during my 13 years in practice to ensure your treatment regimen delivers the confidence and permanent results you’re expecting.

Facial Hair

  • We all make testosterone—even us ladies—but as women age, we produce fewer female hormones and our male hormones stimulate increased hair growth.
  • Approximately 20 million American women remove facial hair at least once a week, according to a study done by Bristol-Myers.
  • Forty percent say they feel uncomfortable in social situations.
    75% report clinical levels of anxiety.


Except in cases where it’s exaggerated by hormonal disorders, facial hair growth in women is normal. But if you’re a “secret shaver,” laser hair removal offers the most permanent and effective solution.

Legs, Arms, and Axilla (armpits)

Many patients opt for laser hair removal for convenience. If you like to live in shorts and short sleeves, laser hair removal empowers you to wear what you want when you want without worrying about how recently you shaved.

Bikini Area and Beyond

If you like to stay “beach ready” or “intimacy-ready,” Laser Hair Removal offers a long-lasting alternative to the stress of baring most of it or all of it.

Hair Growth due to Medical Disorders

If you suffer from excessive facial hair growth due to hormonal disorders like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), an endocrinologist should help you balance out your body chemistry. In the meantime, Laser Hair Removal is the most effective way to manage the aesthetic consequences of your condition.


If you feel a little too furry or just want to clear your ears, Laser Hair Removal is long-lasting and as transformational for men as it is for women.

Laser hair removal is ideal for patients with dark hair and light skin, although nearly anyone with unwanted facial or body hair can benefit from this procedure. This procedure can be performed on the lip, chin, neck, back, arms, legs, bikini area, and more.

After laser hair removal, patients may experience redness, puffiness, and sunburn sensations for the first few days. You may return to work and other regular activities as soon as you feel comfortable. Three to seven days after treatment, patients may notice what appears to be a re-growth of hair, but this is actually a shedding of the treated hair, which will fall out without regrowth.

Since hairs grow at different rates, multiple treatments will be needed at intervals of four to six weeks. The number of sessions depends on several factors, including your hair and skin color, hormone levels, and hair follicle size. The average patient sees up to a 75% reduction in hair growth after 6 – 8 treatments, and up to 95% depending on skin and hair type.