“I’m proud to introduce licensed and board-certified laser specialist, Lisa Gurvich into my practice to focus exclusively on our popular Laser Hair Removal procedures.”

If you struggle with unwanted and stubborn hair growth, Lisa Gurvich and Lasoderm advanced laser hair removal can simplify your daily beauty regimen and restore your confidence. When entrusted to skillful hands, permanent hair removal can often be achieved.



The performance, safety, and efficacy of a procedure performed by a laser specialist at an aesthetic medical practice is far superior to that of the same procedure performed by a medical spa. Permanent laser hair removal outcomes are the result of years of experience, technological expertise, and knowledge of how to work with your individual skin and hair type.

Lisa Gurvich has been performing Laser Hair Removal in Miami since 2005. She is known for achieving permanent hair removal for patients who have seen only temporary results from treatments received at other facilities. You will always receive customized, optimal treatment without the risk of burns or hyper-pigmentation.


The Alma SOPRANO XL 810-nm diode laser system sets the highest standard for laser hair removal technology. It offers permanent hair removal with minimal discomfort and thorough coverage of the target area. The SOPRANO’S on-board computer ensures that settings match your skin color and hair type, further enhancing safety.


Price is an important factor in choosing any aesthetic procedure. While high-end lasers and experienced specialists can add to costs; safety, comfort, and permanent results save you money in the long run. Many patients come to us dissatisfied with the temporary results of laser hair removal treatments performed elsewhere—treatments they paid for and must now pay for again. We offer affordable laser hair removal treatments without sacrificing quality. “Get it done right the first time.”


Lisa Gurvich opened LASODERM in 2005. She is licensed in electrolysis and board-certified in Laser Hair Removal, which is the sole focus of her practice. Working with a physician in a private medical practice afforded her the opportunity to work with a broad spectrum of cases, ranging from typical patients who wanted to get rid of bothersome hair to those who experienced excessive hair growth and Hirsuitism due to PCOS and other hormonal conditions. Treating transgender patients soon became another specialty.

While standards in the Laser Hair Removal industry are typically low, Lisa’s perfectionist work ethic gives her a special knack for achieving permanent results.


Removal vs. Reduction: To produce the most effective hair reduction, peak temperature settings and an adequate number of passes must be optimized for your unique hair and skin type. If the temperature is too low or too few passes are made, hair will be reduced but not eliminated. As with any precision tool, calibration involves more than entering settings from a manual or skin-type chart. Our experience producing successful outcomes for hundreds of patients gives us an intuitive feel for how to achieve the best results possible.