Patients pursuing a quick pick-me-up result for their skin turn to Aquagold® fine touchTM.

Aquagold® fine touchTM effectively stimulates collagen, improves skin tone and texture, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles. It produces more radiant skin.

Aquagold® fine touchTM is the perfect solution for painless treatment of sensitive areas including peri-oral, peri-orbital, the forehead, neck, back of hands, and décolletage.

How does Aquagold® fine touchTM work?

Aquagold® fine touchTM uses 24K gold-plated surgical-grade stainless steel microchannels, each thinner than a human hair, to deliver low doses of Botox and Restylane into the skin. Micro-injury caused by the needles stimulates collagen growth along with contracting pores, tightening skin, and reducing laxity to produce a healthy glow. This gentle treatment requires no anesthesia or downtime, and produces immediate results.