Why Your Body Care Routine Needs A Retinol

By Tamim Alnuweiri Retinol is a beloved skin care ingredient because of its powerhouse reparative qualities. But it’s not just confined to use on your face: Retinol body lotions are treatments that deliver the same transformative effects below your neck. The world of body retinols is similar to the one you know and love for your face care regimen: You apply […]

Bored with Botox, Youth-Obsessed Angelenos Are Taking Up a More Prickly Procedure

A quick-fix procedure done with dissolving threads has emerged as an alternative to full-blown facelifts By Merle Ginsberg -April 23, 2021 A woman in her mid-thirties, hair cascading to her waist, is the very picture of L.A. high maintenance: pale pink lipstick and matching eye shadow, a black catsuit, and fur mules. She’s perfectly Zoom-ready, except for […]

Abble spotlight – Dr. Busso, filler pioneer & innovator

Recently I had my very first experience with filler. I never thought I would be the ‘girl who gets Botox and filler,‘ well here I am, a ’20 something’ year old experimenting with my first cosmetic procedures.  So, let me share with you my first experience with filler and my before and after pictures.  I’m […]

Wrinkles Or Fine Lines? Men, Meet Botox For A Younger ‘You’

It was originally widely accepted that Botox procedures were primarily associated with the female clientele. Acclaimed Miami and Beverly Hills-based Dermatologist, Dr. Mariano Busso has always kept his appointment log full of female patients asking for the rested youthful results only Botox can bring but recently, this marvelous little injection has seen a dramatic rise in popularity […]

Rosacea: Do’s and Don’ts

For the over 14 million Americans who live with rosacea, facial redness is a far cry from blushing. Rather than a reaction to embarrassment, this chronic condition is often a cause of it. Worse, rosacea is uncomfortable, often painful, and can be a regular and recurring annoyance, especially if you don’t do the right things, […]

Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin

Laser hair removal has been a gift for millions of men and women who are now spared from the frustration of continually battling hair growth where they don’t want it. The minutes spent in treatment sessions pale in comparison to the hours upon hours saved by no longer having to shave, epilate, or apply removal creams […]

Struggling with Cellulite: What to Do

Cellulite is an insidious enemy. It can seem like no matter how much you exercise or how healthy you eat, those bumps, lumps, and dimples simply will not go away. It is a frustrating, embarrassing, and ongoing imperfection that millions of women live with despite their best efforts. Now, advancements in technology have changed the […]