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Vanquish™ fat loss, without surgery.
Based on a unique treatment protocol developed solely by Dr. Busso after years of research and development, the Vanquish™ M.E. procedure has been proven to safely maximize fat loss. Today, Dr. Busso’s Vanquish™ M.E. procedure has been adopted by BTL Aesthetics, makers of the Vanquish™ machine. It is now being used as the standard treatment protocol worldwide.


Vanquish™ is a machine that reduces stubborn fat by using multipolar radio-frequency to gently heat fat tissue.
The bands of the Vanquish™ machine extend across the skin, while never actually touching the body. This unique design allows for even distribution of radio-frequency energy.
To achieve five inches of body fat reduction or more, Dr. Busso recommends four treatments. Each treatment lasts one hour and fifteen minutes.
Vanquish™ M.E. treats the stomach, back, and love handles, simultaneously.
Vanquish™ M.E. is a completely painless, non-invasive procedure which allows for patients to jump back into their daily routines immediately after. Patients describe Vanquish™ M.E. to “feel like a heating pad”.


Though Cold sculpting is another popular method of eliminating unwanted fat from the body, Dr. Busso recommends VANQUISH™ M.E. for several key reasons, including:

  1. VANQUISH™ M.E. consistently delivers good results.
  2. VANQUISH™ M.E. reduces fat at approximately one-half of the price.
  3. The VANQUISH™ M.E. treatment appears to promote skin tightening, which helps skin laxity in areas where fat has disappeared.
All of Dr. Busso’s patients have seen a minimum two-inch reduction around the abdomen. Most patients will lose between three and six inches. Typically, patients will see a two-inch reduction after the fourth treatment, then will see further reduction results during the three months to follow.
Vanquish™ M.E. also treats thighs. Typically, Dr. Busso’s patients will see a one-and-a-half inch decrease per thigh.
Vanquish™ M.E. therapy is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, and the treatments work best when combined with proper diet and exercise. We advise our patients to drink plenty of water during treatment and the months following, in order to help flush dead fat cells out of the body.