T.G. (2013)

R.M. (2013)

“I had a great experience in his office. The doctor had wonderful bedside manner. He explained the diagnosis clearly. The staff was very courteous.”

A.M (2011)

“Dr. Busso is a truly outstanding physician. I have been seeing him for over 6 years. He and his staff are extremely professional, caring, and highly competent. His bedside manner is exceptional. Dr. Busso is patient and gives the patient as much time as the patient needs. Every dermatological problem I have had and every cosmetic procedure I felt I needed resulted in 100% success. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Mariano Busso!!!”

L.V. (2013)

“I feel like I just lost 20 years off my face! It’s amazing!! Thank you Dr. Busso! You are a Filler God!”

A.S. (2011)

“Dr. Busso is very talented, has excellent staff, and is very caring with his patients. Would never make a change!”

L.R. (2011)

“Great doctor! When nothing, and I mean nothing, else worked, he saved my face. I had tried all the over the counter acne meds- Neutrogena, Proactive, and regrettably Murad which ruined my face and my confidence. Dr. Busso was able to correct it all and gave me my confidence back. I highly recommend him. Don’t wait until you’ve tried everything else, just start with the best solution.”

D.M. (2011)

“I Love Dr. Busso!! He made me feel pretty again.”

P.C. (2010)

“Dr. Mariano Busso is the best dermatologist I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He’s always positive and upbeat and knows what he’s doing. I never have to wait weeks to get an appointment and his office staff is great too. I have referred several friends and family members to him because I trust him and appreciate the level of care he provides.”

L.C. (2008)

“I was very satisfied with level of care and I loved my appearance after the treatments. I later decided to use a different dermatologist who was having a special pricing for botox and who had high credentials however the restalyne under my eyes remained puffy and I had to cover it up with concealer. I went back to see Dr. Busso and he was able to fix the other guys mistake, and gave me exactly the look I wanted. Learn from my mistake, just go see Dr. Busso first.”

A.B. (2012)

“I walked into a lovely office, was greeted by the receptionist and seen right away. He prescribed me some meds and, thankfully, they worked. I’ve been seeing him for almost 2 years now and feel great.”

B.R. (2013)

“Staff is great, office is nice, office very conveniently located. He is a filler rockstar! I have been doing filler for about 5 years now and after just getting botched by someone else a friend recommended him. Not only did he fix the other doctors mistake, he made me look better than I ever have! And his prices were cheaper than what I had previously been paying. The best part is he does everything here, from laser to vampire facelift. Its great I can get all my beauty maintenance done by the same person and know I am in great hands. Super good find!”

T.G. (2013)

“I went to see Dr. Busso about a month ago to get my lips done, he suggested filling in under my eyes and temples as well. It was like he gave me a facelift! Seriously amazing! I used to always have dark circles under my eyes and now I look like I’m getting 8hrs of sleep a night. His office is nice, staff is super sweet and helpful, he is brilliant, prices are very reasonable. It took 20minutes to be seen from the time I arrived to the time he saw me, but he spent a good 45 minutes with me. I highly recommend him! My mom is actually driving down to come see him at the end of the month! She’s so jealous! lol”

D.B. (2013)

“I came to see him for acne and skin discoloration on my cheeks. He was able to tell me what the problem was the minute he walked in the door! I seriously have been to 5-7 other doctors and asked about the same problem and no one could give me an answer or they dismissed me. Turns out its the type of birth control I’m on! You would have thought my GYN would have figured that one out!

He was able to get me in the same day, had to squeeze me in, but he really tried to accommodate my time. I would highly recommend him! And apparently he’s a brilliant cosmetic dermatologist! He told me what he could do for me, and I booked to go back next week.” 🙂

H.S. (2012)

“Went to him for the first time to get botox, he suggested I do filler and resurfacing laser in addition. I thought he was crazy, but omg! I look 10 years younger! I love it! People notice that I look great, but they can never “quite put their finger on it”. Which is great! Because after Miami Housewives, the last thing I want is to look done!”

L.S. (2012)

“He is truly a gifted doctor! Amazing cosmetic work. He must be demand because there was a little bit of a wait, but he spent a lot of time with me going over all my options and then did the procedure right then. I can understand the wait and it was well worth it. He’s also got very competitive pricing. He gives you his time and a good deal! Go figure! Not a common thing in Miami for this field.”

L.H. (2012)

“VERY HAPPY with the staff and the doctor got an appt. right away and my concerns were address right away… EXCELLENT bed side manners…Will definitely ref my family and friends…”

S.G. (2013)

“I could not be happier with Dr. Busso. Not only did he help my children with their acne and his nurse has done wonders with their faces and even treated my daughter’s scars. After getting some injections somewhere else that made me look like a stiff moonface, Dr. Busso was able to remove all the wrong stuff and made me look like me again. i get so many compliments and next I will have an ultherapy done to tighten my neck and chest. Here I know I am in the right hands.”

L.M. (2013)

“Oh my God, how could I have not known about Dr. Busso’s office earlier? My friends have been going to him for years and look fabulous. Not only that another Doctor really screwed up my face and refused to fix it and Dr. Busso was the one who made me ME again.

Everybody in the office has been so helpful and the Ultherapy treatment I received by his nurse really tightened my skin and improved my texture. Lately my son was breaking out and so I took him as well and he is doing great again thanks to Dr Busso.

I have been sending everybody to him and I recommend him highly!”

P.V. (2013)

“I highly recommend Dr Busso office and staff for any dermatology or cosmetic needs, Dr Busso and his staff are really professional and pleasant, I was also recommended by a friend as a dermatologist for my skin condition, I have been very pleased with my treatment. He is a miracle worker.”

M.H. (2013)

“Awesome doctor. Very very informative and patient with me to go over all my options. Great experience. HIGHLY”

S.P. (2012)

“I have been going to Doctor Busso for a few years every time I’m in Miami, thank god, he has helped me take years (in wrinkles) off my face. He does excellent botox, beautiful lips, and his assistant Stephanie Schutze has given my skin back a youthful glow with various methods which are offered at the office, I have done a few. Most people think I look younger than I am, which I enjoy hearing; even though when I was young I was in the sun way too much. In any case I can highly recommend this office and it services. Thank you for all your friendly help!!!”