ThermiSmooth™ is a technology that uses radio-frequency energy to tighten the skin. It can be applied anywhere skin laxity is an issue but is primarily used around the eyes or lips. ThermiSmooth™ is a non-invasive treatment that encourages your body to replace the collagen naturally lost through aging.

How does ThermiSmooth™ work?

The ThermiSmooth™ wand is used to heat tissues around the eyes while a precision computer monitoring system prevents overheating. Ultrasound gel is used to lubricate the skin surface while the heating element is passed over the treatment area. Controlled heating stimulates the growth of natural collagen which tightens and rejuvenates the skin. Many patients describe ThermiSmooth™ to “feel like a warm massage”, and some experience a mild tingling sensation.

Treatment Duration and Longevity

ThermiSmooth™ treatments take approximately thirty minutes, depending on the areas being treated. Three or four treatments are recommended. After treatment, patients can resume daily routines immediately. ThermiSmooth™ results last one to two years.