Miami Cosmetic Dermatologist, Dr. Mariano Busso is excited to introduce our new VANQUISH™ ME machine, a machine that reduces fat. VANQUISH uses multipolar radio therapy to gently heat fat tissue. Patients see consistent waistline reduction of at least 2 inches early in treatment, and many see reduction of 3-6 inches over the three months following therapy (i,ii).*


On the surface, BTL Vanquish ME looks like its predecessor, Vanquish. But the similarities end there, as the hardware and in turn, the outcomes are completely different. A recently published JDD study concluded there to be a 53% increase in fat layer thickness reduction as well as more consistent performance with BTL Vanquish ME.



Dr. Busso’s VANQUISH™ Procedure

Our Vanquish™ procedure is based on a unique treatment protocol developed solely by Dr. Mariano Busso. After years of research and development, Dr. Busso’s Vanquish™ procedure was proven to safely maximize fat loss. Today, Dr. Busso’s Vanquish™ procedure has been adopted by BTL Aesthetics, makers of the Vanquish™ machine. It is now being used as the standard treatment protocol worldwide. Visitors are invited to take advantage of this powerful non-surgical fat loss treatment by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Busso online. Visitors may also call our office at 305-857-0144 to learn more about the Vanquish™ machine.


How Does VANQUISH™ Work?

Vanquish fat loss, without surgery. This machine reduces fat with non-invasive radiofrequency energy.

VANQUISH uses new radio frequency technology in a safe way that has been proven to reduce stubborn body fat. This new technology is called multipolar radio frequency. The bands of the VANQUISH machine extend across the skin, though the machine never actually touches the body. This unique design allows for even distribution of radiofrequency energy. To achieve 5 inches of body fat reduction or more,* Dr. Busso recommends 4 treatments. Each treatment lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

As with any fat reduction protocol, there are no shortcuts. There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle, including a well balanced diet, regular exercise, and plenty of water. Hydration is especially important during VANQUISH treatment, and patients are advised to drink plenty of  water before the procedure as well as weeks afterward.

Patient Results. All of Dr. Busso’s patients have seen at least a 2-inch reduction around the abdomen. Most of our patients are losing 3-6 inches. Typically, our patients see a 2-inch reduction after the first treatment and further reduction during the 3 months leading up to the fourth treatment.*

Comparing VANQUISH™ to Cold Sculpting

Cold sculpting is another popular method of eliminating unwanted fat from the body. Dr. Mariano Busso recommends VANQUISH over cold sculpting procedures for several key reasons, including:

  1. VANQUISH consistently delivers good results.
  2. VANQUISH refuces fat at about half the price.
  3. The VANQUISH treatment seems to bring about a certain degree of skin tightening, which helps to reduce baggy or wrinkled skin in areas where fat has disappeared.


We’ve also been using VANQUISH ME to treat thighs; 1 ½-inch decreases per thigh are typical for each of Dr. Busso’s patients.*

VANQUISH therapy is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. The treatments work best when combined with proper diet and exercise, and we advise our patients to drink plenty of water during treatment and the months following to help flush dead fat cells out of your body.

VANQUISH ME offers results comparable to Cold Sculpting, but at about half the price, and VANQUISH appears to bring about a certain degree of skin tightening, which helps to reduce baggy or wrinkled skin in areas where fat has been reduced. Treatment requires four one-hour-and-fifteen-minute sessions that are non-invasive, comfortable, and easily tolerated by your body. The VANQUISH machine treats stomach, back, and love handles simultaneously. This is much broader than the localized treatment area covered by Cold Sculpting.

VANQUISH ME is completely painless, non-surgical and non-invasive. The machine doesn’t even physically touch your body. No needles, scalpels, anesthesia, or medications are involved. Get treated and jump back into your normal routine. Our patients describe treatment sessions as “feeling like  a heating pad.”

Book a VANQUISH™ Treatment in Miami

If you’re considering non-surgical options like Coldsculpting and Lipotronix, or evaluating surgical treatments like liposuction, consult with Dr. Mariano Busso to compare the benefits of VANQUISH. Lose your unwanted inches quickly, safely, and painlessly.



(i) Pumprla, Jiri et al. “Non-Contact Radiofrequency-Induced Reduction of Subcutaneous Abdominal Fat Correlates with Initial Cardiovascular Autonomic Balance and Fat Tissue Hormones: Safety Analysis.” F1000Research 4 (2015): 49. PMC. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.

(ii) Fajkošová, K et al. “Selective radiofrequency therapy as a non-invasive approach for contactless body contouring and circumferential reduction.” J Drugs Dermatol. 3 (2014): 291-6. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.