Varicose and “Spider” Veins

Dr. Mariano Busso’s state-of-the-art Ellipse Laser effectively minimizes veins and venous lakes.*

Normal veins become visible through the skin when they dilate due to increased venous pressure.


* Individual results may vary

Venous lakes, which appear as small pools of blood trapped beneath the skin, are easily targeted due to the round spot size of the laser.

treating-veinsTo decrease leg veins, the Ellipse laser sends energy into the blood and vessel walls, leading to complete or partial collapse of the unwanted vein. The constricted vessel then degenerates, and visible leg veins reduce.*

The ideal immediate response to treatment is coagulation of the vessel with no other apparent effect. This effect can be observed in the form of bluish or grayish discoloration visible on the skin surface. In leg veins, blanching or disappearance of the vessel may occur.

The Ellipse Laser is also excellent for hair removal.